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Corporate Website

Benetrends Financial offers experience, knowledge and guidance in the areas of business funding solutions and wealth and support services.

Sour Sativa

Apparel Ecommerce Website

Sour Sativa represents all that people love about 420 culture and expressing themselves. From their Strain T-shirts to hats to Sour Sativa designs, this Shopify website powers their sales on the internet.

Artist USA

Digital Art Ecommerce Website

One day the painting muse knocked on Alex's door and would not leave. He started painting again. Or maybe technology caught up with his laziness: today he paints on an iPad with a digital pencil.

ReImagine Club

Crafts Ecommerce Website

ReImagine Club specializes in arts and crafts kits for kids


Corporate Website

WheelTime’s truck and coach service consistently delivers quality truck and coach repairs on time and on budget – minimizing delays and maximizing profit.


Community Portal and Annual Conference Website

IMERSA fosters the growing interest in digital fulldome cinema, immersive entertainment, performance art and virtual experiences through its annual Summit conferences and activities.

Archdiocese of Halifax

Religious Website

Archdiocese of Halifax website that provides information to the community ranging from events, parish and clergy directories, interactive maps, and video content.

St. Mary's Cathedral

Religious Website

Saint Mary’s is the site of many events for the whole Archdiocese in addition to providing worship for its own membership. They offer a variety of services from catechetical formation to a thriving senior’s ministry.


Bruce Baron CPA

Small Business Website

Accounting Firm that specializes in financial planning for business startups, helping companies monitoring and grow their business, business succession planning, tax planning and return preparation, and seller readiness.


Content Membership Website

Wrightson specializes in the analysis of Federal Reserve operations and policy, high-frequency economic data and Treasury financing trends. Cientele include portfolio managers and traders in the money, bond and currency markets.

WheelTime Resource Portal

Customer Portal

Resource Portal for WheelTime’s truck and coach service customers.  Features include a Learning Management System and a Custom Relationship Management tool.

Sour Sativa Mobile App

Sour Sativa is a technology company / advertising platform with a focus in the cannabis space. Their mobile app allows customers to find dispensaries and deals and will notify users when they come within a certain radius of a deal.

WheelTime Mobile App

The Wheeltime App allows customers to easily locate the closest WheelTime location for truck and coach repair. Locations are listed in order based on closest to furthest distance and you can also search by geography to see closest locations to a specific town, city, or zip code.
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