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Denver Based Website Design and Development

Not every company is alike and not every website should be either. We begin our website design process by discussing your specific needs and then we tailor our approach accordingly. We use cutting-edge software including the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) and Shopify Ecommerce platform. They are the best out there - we know, we’ve looked.

We love (yes, love!) Joomla because it is user friendly and flexible. And you’ll love it too. You’ll love how it gives you the ability to edit your website on your own and make instant changes.
You’ll love having a website that is as dynamic as your company. For example, if you choose to rebrand your company a few years down the road, you’ll be poised to do so with Joomla’s flexible platform. This is because Joomla’s powerful Content Management System (CMS) keeps track of every piece of content on your website. And since the CMS manages all your content, you don't have to. Anybody with basic word processing skills can easily learn to manage a Joomla! site. It provides the freedom to modify your website without need of hiring a html developer or web programmer just to update one image or change some text. It is used by and trusted by thousands of people worldwide.

Daniel Baron

Owner and Project Manager

Denver, Colorado

I’m the owner of Joomla! Design Studios. I focus on working with you on design, layout, and content presentation. I love helping my clients discover how easy it can be to manage their own website and the favorite part of my job is training your business on how to do this. Let me help you find new and creative ways to manage and present the content on your website.

When I'm not thinking about web design I'm busy at my other job - raising three children and all of the excitement and challenges that come with it.

I'm originally from New Jersey but have been living in beautiful Colorado for 20 years.

Milos Aleksic

Full Stack Developer

Lima, Peru

Kait Tomkosky

Website Designer and Developer

Ft. Collins, Colorado

Carlos Camara

Full Stack Developer

Almeria, Spain

I’m the technical guy of Joomla! Design Studios and I focus on making everything work smoothly and in the most efficient way so that your Joomla! site is not only impressive but also rocks other sites on the internet!

I love web development and also working on innovative and creative projects like the ones we help to create here at JDS. If you think your project is a challenge, it is the perfect thing for me to work on.

When I’m not thinking about web development i’m usually playing tennis with my dog or going out with my lovely wife.

I’m based in Spain and that allows me to make your dreams come true when you are sleeping ;).

Jacob Davis

Client Coordinator

Tuscon, Arizona

I’m the guy who does a little bit of everything at Joomla Design Studios. I focus on working with clients to understand your process and help design user experiences that work for your customers. I love design and creating innovative and unique experiences like the ones we help to create here at JDS. If you need to make sure that your users experience is on point, then that is the challenge for me! I will help you understand the tools we use to guide your customers and users.

When I’m not working on web design and development I enjoy spending time with my family. We hike, bike, and explore the amazing world.

Our Process

When we work together, there are a series of steps that we will take to make your project a success. It is great when you put a strategy in place and see it come to fruition throughout the process.

Initial Discussion

We will spend time with you to discuss the goals of your website. We will figure out the features you want to provide to your visitors and the functionality that you will need to manage the website. We will go through a list of questions so we have a thorough understanding of what the project will look like.

Gathering Content

We will help you get your existing content together and make recommendations on the best way to organize it. We can also take a look through any images and video you have saved and discuss where it would be most effective to place it.

Layout and Structure

The next step will be to design a site layout. We will put a menu structure in place, and plan where our web pages will be located. Usability for both you and your visitors is a very important piece in this step.


At this point, it will be time for me to choose the right template, extensions, and components that will be used for the website. I will use a framework, put together the layout, and build the website.

Test and Launch

We are almost there. We will finish our training, look for any last minute changes, make sure everything is working on all web browsers, and then we launch the website!

Ongoing Maintenance

Our maintenance services include keeping your website and components up to date, taking regular backups and saving them to the cloud, and providing help with any new features or functionality you would like to add in the future.  


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