GC Team
Red Rocks Guide

  • Best Parking Lot
  • Best Spot in the Venue

Parking at Red Rocks

To best enjoy your day at Red Rocks you want to get there as early as possible and take Entrance One. Then drive to the Upper North Lot.  I would recommend this be our meet and greet spot. If Upper North is full your second best bet is Lower North and you can walk to Upper North.

Those fill up fast and then you will go to Entrance Two which brings you to the South Lots (once those are filled you park on the side of the road).  From the South lots, you can enter by going up the stairs and crossing a bridge which often has a long line, or you can walk around and go up the other side.

Getting a Good Spot

From the upper north lot, if you are willing to hang out online for an hour and a half to two hours, you will be able to rush down once they open the doors and get a great spot.  The VIP section is rows 1-15, so rushing down to get to 16 is your best bet. Throw down a bunch of blankets as quickly as you can to get plenty of dancing room!