Joomla Website Design

Joomla Website Design

Dynamic websites using the Joomla! Content Management System.

When we work together, there are a series of steps that we will take to make your project a success. It is great when you put a strategy in place and see it come to fruition throughout the process.

Initial Discussion

I checklistwill spend time with you to discuss the goals of your website. We will figure out the features you want to provide to your visitors and the functionality that you will need to manage the website. We will go through a list of questions so we have a thorough understanding of what the project will look like.

Gathering Content


I will help you get your existing content together and make recommendations on the best way to organize it. We can also take a look through any images and video you have saved and discuss where it would be most effective to place it.

Layout and Structure

sitemapThe next step will be to design a site layout. We will put a menu structure in place, and plan where our web pages will be located. Usability for both you and your visitors is a very important piece in this step.


artboardAt this point, it will be time for me to choose the right template, extensions, and components that will be used for the website. I will use a framework, put together the layout, and build the website.

Test Site and Launch

greenbuttonWe are almost there. We will finish our training, look for any last minute changes, make sure everything is working on all web browsers, and then we launch the website!