About Joomla Design Studios

todoJoomla Design Studios is a Denver based Joomla website design firm that focuses on one thing - how the Joomla! content management system can help your business grow. When we work together, we discuss your overall business strategy and how we will build a site that supports those objectives.

After getting to know each other, we put a plan in place.  We will create a menu structure, gather and organize your existing content, and then talk about design elements and how you want your website to look. And throughout the process, I teach you how to manage and update your website.

Working Together

Part of my process is spending time with you throughout the project and teaching you as we go along. I feel that this lends itself to an easy transition when it is time for you to start using your  website. You will learn to use Joomla as we work together. Joomla website training at it's finest!

Passion for My Work

I simply love Joomla and what it can do. Between the core software and all of the amazing extensions, I am able to create all kinds of fantastic websites. The Joomla community is incredible, and I am really glad to be part of it.

Attention to Details

There are many parts of a good Joomla website.You must be on the latest version and make sure you have reliable extensions that are up to date. There has to be a solid backup strategy in place.  I make sure that your Joomla! website is ready to go in all of the important places.

Client Communication

I take pride in always offering a quick response to everyone I work with. I am also available to work around your schedule, and am happy to help in the evening or on weekends. When you have a great new idea, get in touch quicky!